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Established in 2002, Envision IT is Melbourne based leading software company. We develop, upgrade, integrate, implement, maintain, support and sell software. With decades of experience, we cover all major technologies of the day and yesteryears. We specialise in delivering 'complex' projects within fixed budget and tight timeframes. All our projects involve 'innovation' and R&D. All our work is done in Australia. Our projects are characterised by high quality, reliability, productivity, efficiency and ultra low maintenace.


We develop enterprise class software projects to ease complex processes and workflows. Our 'prototype' methodology provides a visual platform to engage with stakeholders and enables us deliver projects quicker. The methodology takes care of complexity and/or changing, evolving requirements. It enables us deliver 50-250 month effort projects within 6-9 months and WITHOUT any cost or time escalation or surprises! Our delivered projects are known for very high productivity, efficiency and ultra-low maintenance. Based on client prepared case studies, we expect our projects to deliver return on investment (RoI) within 3-4 months.

 In our projects, we develop new software systems and / or upgrade, cloud enable existing software systems. The systems may consist of current or legacy Enterprise, Line of Business (LoB) applications, commercial products, associated hardware, software applications and products. Our project outcome is system with App and/or responsive web Front End, Big Data (No SQL) or MS SQL/Oracle database based, On Premise or On Cloud system with attractive charts, dashboards.  The new system is integrated to client systems such as Active Directory, CRM, ERP, Financials, Payment Gateways, Devices, Equipment etc.

For historical reasons, software licensing remains a major part of our business. We specialise in providing most cost effective licensing solutions and keeping our clients licensing compliant. We cover Adobe, Bing Maps (ISV and Volume), Microsoft and Oracle licensing in Australia. In addition, we cover Bing Maps Licensing Resellers for New Zealand as well.

Software Development
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Software Licensing

Our Holistic Approach

Decades of experience in industry has taught us think holistically. Like human beings, software is social and interconnected. Our software development practice takes into account factors such as business process improvement, impact on people and other systems, integration with other systems. This ensures our clients receive software that is well aligned with client requirements, highly productive and efficient.

Our design process takes all factors into account including software licensing and hardware upgrade. This means there are no surprises or hidden costs.

 In present evolution, technology may become outdated before it is even launched. In this regard, our holistic approach is manifested in our unique and highly mature 'prototype' based methodology development practice. This practice enables us deliver mid-size projects quicker while taking care of the evolving or changing requirements and client stakeholder engagement..


Our main differentiation with other software development practices lies in focus on 'delivery'. Compared to consulting that covers broader aspects, we operate on brass tacks. Our job is to deliver fully functional products, be it from concept, idea, sketchy details or full blown specifications developed by our clients. Our holistic and agile approach makes it happen. We undertake projects when we are confident to provide return on investment within a 3-6 months!

When your project involves complex requirements that may be evolving and failure is not an option, then we are your best bet.

Our agile process ensures that we quickly incorporate changes as they emerge so that you get a fully functional product to use upon delivery.
Cost Efficient
Time Saved is money saved and money saved is money earned. That's why we advise our customers to consider the all costs in development such as specification writing, testing, cost of IT staff, etc.
100% Australian
We are a entirely Australian owned and operated business with all our work being completed locally, ensuring the highest quality of work, Intellectual Property Protection and Security Clearances while losing no time or facts in translation.
Technology Partners
Envision IT partners with all major vendors and its customers to provide them best value for money. We proactively work with them to develop software that is easy to use and conforms to best industry practices.


Our developed systems are highly efficient and productive because we streamline and automate business processes, provide easy to use App and Browser Responsive Front end, use efficient Big Data database technologies and analytics, involve R&D and Innovation, provide mobile apps, integrate with client owned systems such as Active Directory (AD), CRM, ERP and other niche software products..

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Our work covers software and Products development, Mobile Enabling Enterprise Applications, R&D and delivering 'End to End' IT solutions. Our End to End solutions involve the Integration of software with other products such as SAP, Pay by Phone, Microsoft Dynamics, Line of Business Applications, GIS, Mapping, Asset Management with hardware devices such as Smartphones and devices (Mobile apps), Cameras, RFID, Touchscreens, NFCs, Machines and Control systems.

We take full responsibility for our solutions that may involve components from different vendors.

Innovation and R&D Projects

Almost all our projects involve R&D Projects and Innovation. Our developed products drive core business for our clients, as an integral part of their business process or by being sold as a product. Many of these projects have won awards for our clients. We had been part of Victorian Government (now rebadged) 'Innovation Voucher Program (IVP)', 'Technology Voucher Program (TVP)' and have provided services many Australian R&D Tax Incentive (formerly R&D Tax Concession) program eligible projects. Our experience with these programs means better quality of documentation for your claims.