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Develop and Upgrade Software Products in Australia

Develop Products
Outsource your product development to Australia to develop high quality products, reliably and cost effectively. Ultra low Australian dollar will stretch your money a lot more!

Envision IT specialises in software products development. Since our inception in 2002, we have developed over 100 projects for our clients and continue to develop new products, interfaces and integration for our clients such as product development companies, start ups, entrepreneurs etc. We offer non compete and our stringent policy on intellectual property protection. We have delivered products / projects in different industry verticals such as Audits, Assessment, CAD, Education, Environment, Green Travel, INK, Inspections, Integration Exchange, Manufacturing, Parking, Surveys, Vending Machines, etc.

Almost all our work involves 'App' or 'Responsive' Web Front End, Big Data database (unless client goes for option 1 below), attractive dashboards and charts, and automated reports which can be tabulated or as you write them. The apps work offline and automatically transfer data when connected to internet. To achieve this, our development activity includes:

  • Developing products ab initio or from concept, idea, sketchy details or full blown specifications.

  • Outsource Product development: We develop products for Fortune 500 clients to many niche players, on a once off or year on year basis. By outsourcing to us you gain a highly reliable software development facility with huge intellectual capital. We deliver complex projects with aplomb.

  • Develop and upgrade niche or LoB products such as automotive data exchange, dealer management, databases, online booking and payment systems, content management systems, trading, HR, Legal etc.

  • Upgrade existing products in situ i.e. in the same environment e.g. upgrade a Microsoft Dot Net application to MS .NET 4.5+ with SQL Server 2014, new reports etc.

  • Upgrade existing products through our unique, highly cost effective methodology to 'App' or Responsive Web front end and Big Data database.

  • Streamline and integrate business processes, automate and ease export / import processes.

  • Create automated reports that can be edited

  • Integrate equipment such as parking boom gates or those used in manufacturing

  • Integrate all major vendor software such as IBM, Oracle, SAP, Payment gateways, License Plate Recognition Systems, Google, Bing, Sensis Maps

  • Integrate devices for asset tracking, cameras, RFID etc.

Envision IT Advantage

Envision IT operates in the front end of technology and we deliver highly advanced skills for products development and upgrade tasks. Our advantage lies in:

  1. In budget and on time delivery of innovative or complex projects: Our expertise lies in innovation and R&D. We have been consistently delivering complex projects in budget and on time.
  2. Reducing Costs, Adding Flexibility: We reduce costs by sticking to budgets, introducing innovation, managing risk and providing a scalable team to match workload. Our rates are standard for the project or term with a clear escalation policy.
  3. Highly Reliable Systems: Our systems are characterized by high reliability and ultra low maintenance. This reduces operational costs and downtime and provides further savings. When needed, our usual response time is 30 minutes and resolution time 2 hours for all web based systems where we have control on staging and / or production servers. Full Version Control is applied for all fixes.
  4. Accentuated Highly Visual User Experience: Our developed products provide a highly visual user experience and ease of use through streamlining and automation of tasks.
  5. Intellectual Property Protection: Based in Australia, we offer a very high degree of Intellectual Property Protection and 'Non Compete' for nominated competition.

Mature Development Practice

We bring you highly mature development practices designed to shorten your development time while providing highly reliable systems. Amongst other things, our development methodology involves:

Develop, Upgrade and Maintain
  • Emphasis on System Study and Testing: As we often work in different industry verticals all the time, we emphasise a lot on system study. Through our mature system study practice, we are able to clarify and document requirements clearly. The rigorous testing by us and then by users is the second important frontier where the products are tested for any potential issues.
  • Agile Process - Leave Nothing To Chance: Our process is agile and weekly meetings with clients' stakeholders provide us with an opportunity to clarify issues and obtain feedback on the way project is going. This is very important because no amount of system study can provide users a feel for what they are going to get. It happens only when they can touch and feel it.
  • Smooth Variation Process: Projects often need variations as requirements change all the time. Our set methodology provides you accurate estimates of variation to keep the project on budget.