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Envision's Successes

We specialise in developing, upgrading and supporting Enterprise Applications and Products. Envision IT has worked on more 50 Software Development related Projects and many of these drive or have driven core business for our clients. Besides, it has supported many overseas vendor products for their clients in Australia. Prospects are invited to ask a comprehensive list and details of these projects.

The list does not include packaged software sales, implementation, training and support of Adobe, Automotive DMS, Autodesk, CISCO, Microsoft and Oracle products. Please ask for Case Studies in an easy to read Project Summary format (1-2 pages max).

IMPORTANT: The logos provided below are only for visual recognition purposes. The copyright and trademark of the logos below belongs in their rightful owners. The logos do not suggest any authorisation from or our relationship with any of these organisations.

Some Recent Projects
Our recent projects involve products development, productisation, Enterprise Applications development and Upgrade. Details of these projects is available in confidence. The project streams covered Automotive, Environment, Facilities Management, Government (Local, State, Federal), Healthcare, Manufacturing and Sustainability.
  • Green Travel
    Envision Green Travel Program

    Developed first in 2003 for City of Darebin, Envision Green Travel Program has been upgraded from time to time from ASP to ASP.NET to Silverlight to current version in HTML 5 and is deployed in many workplaces such as City of Darebin, RACV, Sunshine Coast, VicRoads etc.

    Envision Green Travel Program has been Microsoft certified product, many award winner and one of our longest running products. Know more about Envision Green Travel Programs>>

    Ask for Envision Green Travel Case Study>>.

  • Carpool
    Envision Carpooling Program

    Developed first in 2004 as a cut down version of Green Travel Program to provide carpooling and rideshare facility for workplaces.

    The program been upgraded from time to time from ASP to ASP.NET to Silverlight to current version in HTML 5. The program was highly successful but was soon overtaken by TravelSmart Carpooling Program.

    Ask for Envision Carpooling Program Project Case Study>>.

  • TravelSmart
    Travelsmart Carpooling Program

    Developed first in 2004 as a variant of Envision Carpooling program to meet TravelSmart Victoria requirements for administrator assisted rideshare program. Developed in asp .NET, the program was offered both as a hosted solution or hosted on client servers.

    TravelSmart Carpooling program was a huge success and at one time, over 25 Workplaces used it. Later, the program was phased out in favor of Green Travel Program.

    Ask for Travelsmart Carpooling Program Project Case Study>>.

  • g-Pak Goal Scorer Pathways
    G-Pak Pathways for VCE Students

    Developed in 2004 for Deliver Education, this product provided VCE students career pathways based on their VCE Scores. The product was stamped on a self running CD that was designed to work on a variety of operating system (OS) platforms of the day. About 50000 CDs of this product were distributed to all schools and VCE students in 2004.

    The CD worked flawlessly in a variety of operating systems such as Windows 98, 2000 etc. The product was based on MS Access and Windows. Once started, the product allowed them select their courses based on their VCE achievements and last year patterns. The product allowed advertisement banners to be hosted by academic institutions and Developed in a record time of about 10 weeks, the product had to be developed at a low cost but had to be ultra reliable for a flawless performance.

    Ask for G-Pak Pathways Project Case Study>>.

  • Innovative Warehouse Automation
    Innovative Warehouse Automation for Wurth Australia

    Developed in 2005 for Wurth Australia, this product provided innovative solution to streamline warehouse picking process in Wurth Australia. The Proof of Concept involved development of a barcode reader based engine that can be interfaced with a variety of devices and equipment. The product automated job allocation and checking of picked items.

    Ask for Warehouse Automation Project Case Study>>.

  • Going Places
    Going Places Program

    Developed first in 2006 for City of Darebin in a short period, the program was successfully launched on 26 Feb 2006. Developed in ASP .NET, the program provided Darebin City Council a ready to use system to build community around sustainability. The program won many awards and turned out to be a huge success. As against initial plan of two years, the program ran more than 6 years.

    Ask for Going Places Program Project Case Study>>.

  • Encarp
    Encarp Parking Management

    Developed first in 2006, Encarp provide parking industry's first 'bay booking' system. The system enabled users book a parking pay online. Technically advanced, the bay booking system had no success commercially because it was incompatible with parking management practice at that time.

    Undeterred, the system was applied to manage Employee Parking in workplaces. It has not looked back and has won many awards for 'excellent use of technology' to being the runners up at FMA Annual Awards in 2011. The system is upgraded to match new technologies. The current version uses HTML 5, Bing Maps, our advanced IPs technology for layouts and search facilities. In addition, it is an engine for vast amount of data and Asset Management.

    Ask for Encarp Parking Management Program Project Case Study>>.

  • Village Green
    IWASP Product for Village Green

    The project involved upgrading Village Green IWASP product to latest technologies of the day in 2008. Existing project was a Windows based application that was web enabled and productised for the client.

    The work involved migrating an application written in outdated versions on MS SQL, MS Access, Crystal Reports in Client Server mode to ASP.NET, Web Based Systems that used Crystal Reports. The original product did not have documentation and new specifications were developed from the existing code and discussions with users.

    Ask for IWASP Product for Village Green Program Project Case Study>>.

  • Beam Projects
    Beam Projects

    Developed in 2009, the project involved developing a product to gather, collate and disseminate Commercial Intelligence in Capital-Intensive Industries. The objective of the products was to improve Cost, Time, Safety and Sustainability.

    The product used Microsoft Dot Net platform and Silverlight. We also developed a Non Silverlight application for client. See this video for more information on the project.

    Ask for Beam Projects Project Case Study>>.

Some Other Projects: Pre 2009
Besides the above, Envision IT worked in about 25 more projects between 2004 -2009 such as:
  • Vendit

    We designed this Vending Machine in 2004 to dispense special items after identifying the purchaser over Internet and telephone. After identification, the machine would collect evidence, Payment, label the supply, read the label as OK and then deliver to user.

  • Exchinfo

    Developed in 2003, the project provides a messaging middleware based engine to integrate services from various service providers without -snooping! The project had applications in enable collaboration amongst sometimes competing vendors.

  • Measuroof

    The product extracts roof parameters from a CAD drawing after identifying the drawing format, correct layer and provide dimensions of sheets to be cut and estimation of roof costs and sale price.

  • SavInk Smart

    Smart programming to save ink specialised printing process.

  • RFID

    Many projects involving Asset Tracking involving Healthcare, Aged Care, Integration with IBM CISCO Equipment, Nurse on Call, Paging etc. for integrated patient tracking