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Develop and Upgrade Software
Applications and Products in Australia

Develop Products
Envision IT mature software development services deliver complex projects quicker, WITHIN budget and time and WITHOUT cost escalation and risk. The practices are suitable for mid-size projects defined as involving 50-250 months effort that need be delivered within 6-9 months and failure or creep is not an option.

Outcome of these practices is highly productive and efficient software manifested in:

  1. Front End: App for Android, Apple, Blackberry, Windows and / or, Responsive Web
  2. Database: Big Data No SQL databases such as Hadoop on Azure, Hortonworks, MongoDB, MAPR etc. or traditonal SQL databases such as MS SQL, ORACLE.
  3. Dashboards and Charts: Kendo UI, Telerik dashboards and charts and reports.
  4. Full Integration with Client Systems: Integration with related client systems such as Active Directory and ADFS, 2 Factor Authentication, ERP (SAP, Oracle Financials), CRM (Oracle, Microsoft etc.), niche (pay by phone, payment gateways, Devices (cameras, RFID), equipment (boom gates, vending machines, manufacturing, printing, medical) etc.

These services along with our methodology form backbone of five practices i.e.: