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Software Development Services

Envision IT is the Melbourne-based software development company for you when you want to get your high risk software projects done without risk, stress or uncertainty and within fixed costs and timeframes. Failure is not an option for you and you want it done quick! We offer a wide range of IT software development services from concept to development and deployment.

Why Envision IT?

We deliver incredible value because irrespective of complexities and challenges, we develop software and all other projects on a ‘Fixed Cost and Fixed Time’ basis, a lot quicker than others and, our projects are highly reliable and ultra-low maintenance.

We have a highly experienced team, massive intellectual capital accumulated over the past 21 years in over 170 projects in different industry domains. Our skilled software developers work closely with you throughout the entire process, and use agile project management to deliver high quality software that meets your specific needs.

Envision IT is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards for software development and licensing solutions. Its software development practice conforms to ACSC guidelines. Envision IT has AGSVA baseline clearance.

Whether you need assistance with agile software development, product development services, or computer software design and development, Envision IT is your trusted partner.

Awards and Recognitions

Top Clutch Software Developers Australia
MAV certified supplier
Software Outsourcing Journal top supplier
Defence ICT panel supplier
digital marketplace bu ict supplier
microsoft gold partner modern work specialist
iso27001-iso9001 certified software development
nsw government advanced ict panel supplier
victorian government eservices panel supplier
local buy ict solutions services bus274 supplier

What We Do?

Established in 2002, Envision IT is an Australian custom software development company and all our work is done in Australia. We are a specialist ground-breaking research, software applications and agile products development (including cyber security) company in Melbourne. We are known for our ability to develop and deliver high-risk software and hardware (electronics, engineering design etc.) without stress, overspend and time delays. Our unique 'iterative agile' software development methodology has set industry benchmarks for others to follow. The projects involved development of software and integrated products, line of business applications (LoBs), APIs, Interfaces, Upgrade and maintenance of third party developed applications, data migration and ground breaking research etc. Our work invariably involves business operational efficiency improvement and digital transformation that leads to massive ROI on projects done with us.

Our cyber security arm brings you innovative cyber security solutions to secure old and legacy applications. We assess or check test software applications and products against ACSC software guidelines and provide you with a comprehensive but easy to understand report (Please ask for a sample report). When accepted and you wish to go ahead, we will upgrade the software to comply with ACSC guidelines while making it operationally efficient and highly productive.

Our work conforms to highest standards. It does not require elaborate specifications from our clients. We evolve them!

Our software licensing arm is leading reseller for Adobe, automated training for employees on cyber security, phishing attacks, AWS Cloud, Azure Cloud, Bing Maps, Microsoft, Oracle, Quest, Veeam, VMware and many other leading industry and niche products such as Usecure for cyber security training of employees. Our licensing reselling covers Australia, Marshall Islands, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Solomon Islands, Tonga and many other pacific nations.

How We Do it?

Envision IT was established with innovative software development practice that capitalised on the experience of its founders. The founders adopted 'iterative agile' methodology for software development that became standard for all projects such as engineering design and construction. 'Collaboration, Innovation and Iteration' are the three pillars of our 'iterative' methodology. We foster warm collaborative relationships with our clients to achieve a deeper understanding of their business needs. By living in your world and taking feedback from your actual users, we develop scalable solutions that result in happy clients, happy users and happy developers.

The 'iterative agile' methodology is improved with each project. It has consistently delivered more than 170 projects within fixed cost and time, over the last 21 years, irrespective of complexity and challenges.

High Risk
Complex Projects

Fixed Costs

Fixed Time Frames


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A proven 'iterative agile' methodology for business and digital transformation

We take away the stress of building custom software solutions by using a proven 'iterative agile' software development methodology that reduces risk.

How We Work?

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Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission is to deliver complex and challenging projects with certainty, without the risk or disruption to operations and people.

Our vision is to ease use of technology and streamline business processes to make organisations highly productive and efficient

Our Approach

A proven 'iterative agile' Software Development methodology for business and digital transformation.

We take away the stress of building custom software development by using a proven 'iterative agile' software delivery methodology that reduces the risk and ensures you get the solution your organisation actually needs, without timeline or budget blowouts.

Our proven development approach will:

  • Reduce software development project delivery timeframes by up to 60%
  • Deliver with certainty in this time
  • Allow you to make iterative changes without impacting your budget
  • Engage user feedback from start to finish
  • Train your staff to use the system as we develop
  • Make change management flawlessly smooth

A Holistic Practice.

Like human beings, software is social and interconnected. Our holistic software development practice takes into account factors such as business improvement and the impact of what we're building on people and other systems. This ensures the software we develop is aligned with your requirements and is highly efficient.

Three key elements allow us to deliver consistently, each and every time.

To discuss how we can bring your project to life (minus the stress) get in touch for a chat.

Innovative, Economical and highly Reliable!

Recent Work


Recent News

ASQSC CAAT Project Launch by Hon. Ken Wyatt, Minister for Aged Care
27 June 2017 | Launch |

CAAT Project Launch by minister

The Federal Minister for Aged Care and Minister for Indigenous Health, Hon. Ken Wyatt AM, MP launching of CAAT Project in Sydney on 27 June 2017.

Envision IT exhibiting at 'Technology in Government Conference and Exhibition' 2018
07-08 Aug 2018 | Exhibition |

Envision IT exhibiting at 'Technology in Government Conference and Exhibition' 2018, CANBERRA

Envision IT showcasing its methodology and practice on 'How to deliver large software projects without time and cost overruns?

Oracle AI and Chat Bots for Manufacturing and Industry 4.0
04 Sep 2018 | technologies |

Oracle AI and Chat Bots for Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Jointly with Oracle, we demonstrated our AI and Chat Bot for easing manufacturing process management and automation. It relates to Industry 4.0.

Software Development FAQs

You should hire Envision when you:

  1. Need a highly reliable solution quickly and failure is not an option
  2. Need a fixed cost solution even when the work involves unknown territory such as innovation, R&D, technical or people challenges
  3. Not used to outsourcing
  4. Need the work to be done in Australia
  5. Want to cement your position as a leader
  6. Need a friendly and patient vendor who can explain licensing matters, provide prompt quote, do not push you into buying and advises you solutions that reduce costs while being compliant and meeting requirements.
  7. Need cyber security services

Envision IT has two main divisions of work, i.e.

  1. Software Development Services:
  2. Our software company in Melbourne covers custom software development, products development, enterprise applications development, line of business (LoB) applications development, upgrade of old and legacy applications and products, integration of devices, equipment and software systems, APIs and Webservices development, Windows applications development, Android, iOS and Windows apps development, Data migration, on-premise to cloud migration to AWS, Azure cloud or hybrid implementation

    • cyber security assessment as ACSC’s Essential 8, streamline and cyber secure applications, Vulnerability Scan and penetration testing, upgrade systems to make them secure as per ACSC’s Essentials 8
    • Implement or upgrade SharePoint, Dynamics 365 CRM, Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 ERP, Dynamics 365 Project Operations, Environment and Sustainability
    • Ready to use (commercial off the shelf - COTS) products – Encarp for employee / council / permit parking and DK Sense, highly secure and efficient IoT based monitoring, predict likelihood of failure and control through web or app of industrial devices, equipment, machinery and systems.
  3. Software Licensing:
  4. This covers selling of Microsoft subscription and perpetual licenses, Surface and Surface hub devices, Adobe Acrobat and Creative Cloud, Cisco Meraki, Dell, ESET, Quest, Veeam, Broadcom (formerly VMWare), Usecure and many others

    • AWS Cloud and Azure Cloud solutions including set up, management, licenses such as Azure Maps, Visual Studio etc.
    • Assess AWS Cloud and Azure Cloud to reduce operation costs

While Envision IT has developed some large projects that took years to complete and operate globally, most of its projects range from $20,000.00 to $500,000.00. It is Envision IT policy to not refuse any incoming project. As a result, we have developed some micro projects involving integration interfaces, APIs, streamlining business operations, data migration etc.

In general, our customers are entrepreneurs or startups, 30-200 people businesses, government departments (local, state and federal) and autonomous bodies.

Based on this, we may answer the question that our general project range is $20,000.00 - $500,000.00 but projects outside this are also done.

On the other hand, software licensing solutions are for academic / education, non-profit / charity and small to medium businesses (SMBs). They range from $0.00 (nil) for non-profit to $5,000 per month for business users. Academic and non-profit customers often have deeply discounted prices from vendors that go up to 80%, when not free.

We spend a lot of time and effort in understanding the requirements, discovering needs, addressing wants and devising solution in collaboration with the client to develop the quote. This is about 25% or more, of the project work.

As the quote is well thought-out, we can put a fixed price to it.

It is for this reason, we often charge for developing a fixed quote. The quote is prepared on a broad scope and therefore, it allows for minor variations to happen without any change or escalation procedures. For this reason, our quote may seem higher but at the end of the day, you get what you need, within the committed price and timeline. We don’t have ifs and buts.

This cost however, should not worry you. You can get started with an initial 15-45 minutes conversation with our experts. Based on this conversation, they can provide you information such ballpark costs, timeframe, technology and other issues. When you are happy, you can get started with the quote process.

It follows from the above questions and answers.

Upon award of the project, internally it is divided into several strands e.g. system analysis, coding, testing, data migration, APIs development, project management etc. The project team members adopt the strands based on their expertise. The development process software development is carried out by highly experienced ‘analyst programmers’ who analyse the requirements, develop and test the assigned task.

The different parts are collated by the technical team lead who interacts with clients on a regular basis. Most interaction is through structured emails while a weekly meeting is held on a nominated weekday and time for online catchup. Sometimes, we may hold online or in-person workshops to discuss requirement, devise solution and bounce ideas.

We are still truly agile with very little paperwork and a structured regime that accurately captures project requirements. Call us to know more about this fantastic, stress free and easy way of working.

Envision IT has strong experience in offering custom software and product development services.

By default, Envision IT work is done in Microsoft technologies i.e. dot net, C# and SQL, private / hybrid, Azure or AWS environments with web component such React, Angular, Angular JS, JavaScript etc. Notwithstanding this, we have customers with open source and other technology stacks such as dockers, containers, Python, Progress DB, MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL etc.

We have developed custom integration interfaces with hundreds of devices, equipment, machinery, business applications such as Salesforce, SAP, Oracle Financials, JD Edwards, cameras, boom gates, parking machinery and ticketing machines, payment gateways, LPR / ANPR, Warehousing and 3PL, Dynamics 365, IoT Hub, contact center etc.

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