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Why Envision IT?

Envision IT is the company for you when you want to get your high risk software projects done without risk, stress or uncertainty and within fixed costs and timeframes. Failure is not an option for you and you want it done quick!

We deliver incredible value because irrespective of complexities and challenges, we develop software and all other projects on a ‘Fixed Cost and Fixed Time’ basis, a lot quicker than others and, our projects are highly reliable and ultra-low maintenance.

We have a highly experienced team, massive intellectual capital accumulated over the past 21 years in over 170 projects in different industry domains.

Envision IT is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards for software development and licensing solutions. Its software development practice conforms to ACSC guidelines. Envision IT has AGSVA baseline clearance.

What we do?

Established in 2002, Envision IT is an Australian custom software development company and all our work is done in Australia. We are a specialist ground-breaking research, software applications and products development (including cyber security) company. We are known for our ability to develop and deliver high-risk software and hardware (electronics, engineering design etc.) without stress, overspend and time delays. Our unique 'iterative agile' software development methodology has set industry benchmarks for others to follow. The projects involved development of software and integrated products, line of business applications (LoBs), APIs, Interfaces, Upgrade and maintenance of third party developed applications, data migration and ground breaking research etc. Our work invariably involves business operational efficiency improvement and digital transformation that leads to massive ROI on projects done with us.

Our cyber security arm brings you innovative cyber security solutions to secure old and legacy applications. We assess or check test software applications and products against ACSC software guidelines and provide you with a comprehensive but easy to understand report (Please ask for a sample report). When accepted and you wish to go ahead, we will upgrade the software to comply with ACSC guidelines while making it operationally efficient and highly productive.

Our work conforms to highest standards. It does not require elaborate specifications from our clients. We evolve them!

Our software licensing arm is leading reseller for Adobe, automated training for employees on cyber security, phishing attacks, AWS Cloud, Azure Cloud, Bing Maps, Microsoft, Oracle, Quest, Veeam, VMware and many other leading industry and niche products such as Usecure for cyber security training of employees. Our licensing reselling covers Australia, Marshall Islands, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Solomon Islands, Tonga and many other pacific nations.

How we do it?

Envision IT was established with innovative software development practice that capitalised on the experience of its founders. The founders adopted 'iterative agile' methodology for software development that became standard for all projects such as engineering design and construction. 'Collaboration, Innovation and Iteration' are the three pillars of our 'iterative' methodology. We foster warm collaborative relationships with our clients to achieve a deeper understanding of their business needs. By living in your world and taking feedback from your actual users, we develop scalable solutions that result in happy clients, happy users and happy developers.

The 'iterative agile' methodology is improved with each project. It has consistently delivered more than 170 projects within fixed cost and time, over the last 21 years, irrespective of complexity and challenges.

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A proven 'iterative agile' methodology for business and digital transformation

We take away the stress of building custom software solutions by using a proven 'iterative agile' software development methodology that reduces risk.

How We Work?

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Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission is to deliver complex and challenging projects with certainty, without the risk or disruption to operations and people.

Our vision is to ease use of technology and streamline business processes to make organisations highly productive and efficient

Our Approach

A proven 'iterative agile' methodology for business and digital transformation.

We take away the stress of building custom software development by using a proven 'iterative agile' software delivery methodology that reduces the risk and ensures you get the solution your organisation actually needs, without timeline or budget blowouts.

Our proven development approach will:

  • Reduce software development project delivery timeframes by up to 60%
  • Deliver with certainty in this time
  • Allow you to make iterative changes without impacting your budget
  • Engage user feedback from start to finish
  • Train your staff to use the system as we develop
  • Make change management flawlessly smooth

A Holistic Practice.

Like human beings, software is social and interconnected. Our holistic software development practice takes into account factors such as business improvement and the impact of what we're building on people and other systems. This ensures the software we develop is aligned with your requirements and is highly efficient.

Three key elements allow us to deliver consistently, each and every time.

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Recent News

ASQSC CAAT Project Launch by Hon. Ken Wyatt, Minister for Aged Care
27 June 2017 | Launch |

CAAT Project Launch by minister

The Federal Minister for Aged Care and Minister for Indigenous Health, Hon. Ken Wyatt AM, MP launching of CAAT Project in Sydney on 27 June 2017.

Envision IT exhibiting at 'Technology in Government Conference and Exhibition' 2018
07-08 Aug 2018 | Exhibition |

Envision IT exhibiting at 'Technology in Government Conference and Exhibition' 2018, CANBERRA

Envision IT showcasing its methodology and practice on 'How to deliver large software projects without time and cost overruns?

Oracle AI and Chat Bots for Manufacturing and Industry 4.0
04 Sep 2018 | technologies |

Oracle AI and Chat Bots for Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Jointly with Oracle, we demonstrated our AI and Chat Bot for easing manufacturing process management and automation. It relates to Industry 4.0.

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