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Envision IT is a registered supplier for? Victorian Government eServices Panel since 2011. We are known for 'Quick and Reliable' development of software products, Big Data, enterprise and Line of Business (LoB) Applications. We have been developing reliable projects and products for Victorian and Local Governments Government since 2003.

These projects cemented sponsoring departments' leadership position while enabling others access the solution at lower costs. Our expertise lies in delivering high quality, complex and risky projects within short time and fixed costs. This includes projects involving multi-technology, multiple products, devices and Big Data.

All our solutions today involve app and-or browser based front end, big data database based backend or middleware and data analytics, Kendo UI, KeyLine Network or Microstrategy based charts and dashboards. Our systems integrate with existing systems within Victorian Government Departments, be is Microsoft, Oracle, SAP or other niche software / hardware devices

Ready to use products for Victorian government Departments

Based on our projects with Victorian Government Departments, we now offer to ready to use products i.e. :
  • Two factor Authentication using PinSafe Swivel: This is easy to customise product will implement Two Factor Authentication process using PinSafe Swivel with Oracle Access Management (OAM) in a matter of days. The broader framework however enables easy integration of different products and technologies. If you have an imperative need to implement 2 factor authentication system in few weeks, call us
  • Audits and Inspections Software: This highly flexible product will streamline and ease audits and inspections for you. The product comes fully customised to your business process with automated checklist and free text entry, big data database, scheduling app and automated reports function. You can generate modern next generation graphs, charts and dashboards and big data analytics using this product.
  • BOYD Security Solution: Developed for Cenitex, the solution involves easing BOYD Security. Please contact for details.

Some of our past Victorian Government Clients are. Please ask for complete list:

VGRS | Victorian Government Reporting ServicesVictorian Building AuthorityVic Gov | Department of Treasury and FinanceVIC Gov | Department of Transport

We work mainly in Microsoft (Gold Partner) and Oracle (Gold Partner) technologies while making a use of our partnership with associated technologies from Android, Apple, Blackberry, Bing Maps, CISCO, DELL, Encarp, Hortonworks, HP, IBM, MongoDB, Pay By Phone, Sensor Dynamics, SenSen Networks and SAP to name a few. Our main advantage lies in delivering projects within fixed budget and time. We are easy to deal with and our proactive and agile approach ensures our clients get what they need, even when it may not be stated initially. On the side, our developed projects could be much lower in cost as we tend to absorb risk and 'productise' them for others. This would save costs to first department and others that follow. Most importantly, this would accrue significant savings for Victorian Government. We offer the following services to Victorian Government:

- Develop Business Applications, APIs, Web Services, Reports

- Upgrade and migration of old and legacy applications especially MS SQL 2008 and Windows Server 2008 systems

- Integrate disparate Applications, Systems such as Oracle, SAP, IBM, Proprietary, Equipment, Devices

- Upgrade Microsoft Applications and Products to Dot Net 4.0+, MS SQL 2017, Bing Maps, Windows Apps

- Mobile Enable existing applications to Microsoft Surface, Android, Apple iPad

- Develop Mapping Applications using Bing

- Testing Services for Microsoft Applications

- Implement, Install, Upgrade, Migrate Microsoft Products such as Windows, Windows Server, Exchange Server, MS SQL Server, MS Reports Server

- Resources such as Developers, Project Managers for Microsoft Projects


- Develop Business Applications, APIs, Web Services, Reports

- Unleash productivity and save costs with Oracle Chat Bots

- Exploit integration exchange and integrate disparate Applications, Systems such as Microsoft, SAP, IBM, Proprietary, Equipment, Devices, PinSafe, Swivel, Security Products

- Upgrade Oracle Applications and Products to Current Technologies

- Mobile Enable existing Oracle applications to Microsoft Surface, Android, Apple iPad

- Develop Mapping Applications using Oracle Mapping

- Testing Services for Oracle Applications

- Implement, Install, Upgrade, Migrate Oracle Products such as databases

- Resources such as Developers, Project Managers for Oracle Projects

Hortonworks is now a Cloudera Company

Hadoop and Big Data Solutions for Victorian Government Cloudera partnership enable us develop and deploy Big data solutions for Victorian Government. Envdata Know more about Envision IT's Big Data solutions by visiting Envdata. Envdata is dedicated to develop Big data solutions for Victorian Government, Sports, Sentiment analysis and more.


Two Factor Authentication using? Swivel PinSafe for Department of Treasury and Finance, Victorian Government Developed for Department of Treasury and Finance, Victorian Government, the two factor authentication for secure authentication of web users is now available to all Victorian Government departments.? Know more about our? Swivel PinSafe - Two Factor Authentication Solution for Al Victorian Government Departments>>