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Envision IT has made a formidable reputation in delivering high quality solutions fast and reliably. We are often chosen when a project is difficult, time pressure critical and failure is not an option.

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Turnaround Software Projects Faster

Capitalising on our long and wide experience in delivering complex projects involving hundreds of stakeholders, geographical terrains and fixing failed projects, we have developed intellectuals capital and processes that enables us deliver projects faster. We have many instances when we were engaged to deliver projects in the last minute and we completed them successfully.

High Quality and Reliable

Products and Software delivered by us are marked by very quality and reliability. It is for this reason maintenance costs are very low. We receive some of the lowest calls from clients in the industry. We follow Microsoft MSF for Agile software development Practice blended with our experience. Our high caliber project team consisting of top developers, analyst programmers and project managers ensure that we deliver the best outcome.

How we do it?

We have a very strong delivery focus. Our objective is to deliver right and collect the money. Most of our projects are fixed price with a significant sum tied to final closure. While we are committed to delivery, our stake in money provides a comfort to clients that they will have what they have been promised.

Turnaround Software Projects Faster

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