Cloud Enable Your Existing Applications

Envision IT specialises in software upgrade and this includes Cloud Enabling your existing Applications. We upgrade or / and migrate old, legacy or relatively new applications or products to Cloud environment. We cover all major technologies and cloud vendors such as Azure, AWS and Private Cloud vendors.

Envision IT advantage lies in providing you a comprehensive solution involving both transformation and migration of your systems to cloud. Compared to other vendors, this may cost you a fraction of budgets and time and you can expect to recover your investment in 3-4 months!

What is Cloud Enablement?

Envision IT defines Cloud Enablement as migration of your current applications and data to cloud. This does not stop users from using the desktop or app applications or making use of 'offline data'. The only thing that happens is that your server and other hardware, software applications and database infrastructure moves to web rather than being hosted on premise, as it may be happening now.

What Cloud Environments are available?

A variety of cloud environments are available in Australia such as Amazon (also knows as AWS), Microsoft Azure, Oracle etc. In addition, you can obtain cloud offer from other business that provide cloud infrastructure on public cloud or create private cloud environment specifically for your organisation.

Most cloud vendors offer 'hosting' in Australia now and some of these are quite competitive with infrastructure available overseas.

Based on your requirements, we can create a due diligence document for you.

What is involved in Cloud Enablement?

The cloud enablement is a specialised exercise. While theoretically simple and straightforward, in practice it is a very complex exercise that requires deep understanding of your applications and cloud infrastructure. This is because cloud environment is generic in nature. This means not all the applications, libraries or security settings will be available on the cloud as they are available 'on-premise' systems. Often, proper documentation is not available with existing systems are especially so, if it is old or legacy. This requires investigative work as well as trial and error approach to find the right fixes.

The newly appointed system requires thorough testing before going live. This is because there is every likelihood of missing something here or there. Once gone live, you may like to have a parallel run for some time for both the cloud enabled and on premise system.

User training is integral part of a cloud enablement exercise. There are two types of training i.e. training users on using the application(s) and security. User training on applications is important because the applications may not work exactly the same way as the users are used to. On security front even though the system is secure in cloud, unlike earlier, it is still sitting in open. There are possibilities of phishing, malicious, hacking and Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks. This requires formulating and enforcing security policies.

As the Cloud Enablement Exercise is quite involved, we recommend upgrading the old and legacy applications at the same time. Typically, cloud enabling a large enterprise application or a product will take 3-6 months, from the placement of purchase order to go live. On the other hand, when clubbed with upgrade to add much needed functionality, the whole exercise may take just 6-9 months.

Cloud Enabling with Envision IT

Envision IT will cloud enable or migrate your existing applications to cloud. We work with all major technologies e.g. Microsoft, Oracle, Big Data etc. On Cloud Vendor front, we can migrate the application to Azure, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Oracle, Private Cloud Providers and Hybrid Cloud formations. We will migrate the applications as well as data. At the time of writing this page, all major cloud vendors offers 'servers hosted in Australia'. In general, hosting within Australia is a bit more expensive. You can enable automated back ups and data retention on the cloud. Further, we can automate use of cloud to optimise cost and performance characteristics. This would be especially useful when your application or product has huge variations during the day, week, month or year.

As mentioned above, Cloud Enabling is a major exercise. It is for this reason we recommend making use of this opportunity to upgrade your applications, product and data to newer technologies. For example, you may like provide the users apps or automate reporting. This will result in systems that are easy to use, accessible, fast, efficient and highly productive. Based on our experience, we expect a large enterprise project to take 6-9 months from concept to go live stage. This includes rigorous testing and database migration.

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