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Are legacy softwares holding you back?

One of the greatest challenges organisations face in today's fast paced business landscape, is how to run more productive technology with a large group of users whose technological know-how varies.

It can be daunting to take on the upgrade of an old or legacy software application or product:

  • You're worried that any upgrade will be too costly and take too long
  • The system is tied to security and any upgrade could cause a compromise or increase vulnerability
  • There's a risk that users might not accept the new system
  • There's limited documentation

Your old or legacy software has probably grown and been added to across decades. It's slow and difficult to use, but everyone is familiar with its quirks and are hesitant to change. But the business logic for the software has been lost, along with the knowledge of how the back end was coded.

If the system went down, would somebody know how to fix it?

There are all sorts of concerns, but you know you can't leave things the way they are:
  • The legacy system is inefficient and users waste lots of time causing reduced productivity, loss of business and stress
  • Users are frustrated ? why is it so easy to use technology in their personal life but not in their job?
  • You're losing money and falling behind your competition
  • If you're in Government, your system is causing your governance to suffer
  • Most importantly, the old systems present a cyber security risk. They can be hacked and a ransomware attack is very real. It can disrupt your busines, cause loss of reputation and turn your customers and suppliers against you.

What if we could upgrade your legacy system without any of the usual risk? modernising your current system doesn't have to be difficult. Our proven methodology will save you time and money and train your staff to use your new software along the way.

When it comes to upgrading legacy softwares, there's almost nothing we can't do.
If you'd like to explore the possibilities for your legacy system, we'd love to chat.
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