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Envision IT Oracle Cloud practice opens the world of Oracle Cloud by easing implementation of your projects involving Oracle technologies and specifically, Oracle Cloud. This may involve AI, Charts and Dashboards, Chat Bots, Integration between different Oracle and other non-Oracle industry products using Oracle Integration Cloud, Automation of your business processes, upgrading, transforming and migrating old Oracle Applications, migrating Oracle data, develop websites using Oracle Experience Cloud, implement speech Recognition, making use of Oracle Autonomous Mobile Cloud and all that you need to with Oracle.

As with all our projects since 2002, Envision IT advantage lies in delivering your projects with certainty, within 'Fixed Cost' and 'Fixed Time'

Why Oracle Cloud?

We live in a world that is moving faster than ever, especially in relation to technology. Unlike earlier, users now demand technology to be delivered quicker and it must be intuitive and easy to use.

Over the past 7-8 years, the trend is make use of existing solutions rather than creating everything from scratch. Most of these resources are available on the web e.g. speech recognition, voice authentication, data analysis tools, artificial intelligence tools etc. And then, we live in a world that is now increasingly adopting 'shared economy' e.g. Uber. By consolidating knowledge of tools like 'speech recognition', we are able to provide better quality and improve systems over time. It saves development time and implements projects or go live quicker.

Cloud environments also save costs when you use resources for some time rather than all the time.

To sum up, you get improved products, go live quicker and save costs!

Oracle AI and Chat Bots

Oracle Dashboards and Charts

Automation with Oracle

Integrating Applications with Oracle

Oracle Autonomous Cloud

Choose self-managing, self-repairing, and self-securing Oracle Cloud Platform autonomous services to focus on innovation—not on administration.

Oracle has announced the availability of multiple Oracle Cloud Platform autonomous services, including those for database, development, mobile, business analytics, integration, blockchain, and more. With this flood of new autonomous services, how will organisations prepare to administer them?

Like a self-driving car, Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud now automatically takes care of a maze of complicated things that a person used to do—and still must do for other databases. That includes setting up the database; optimizing its performance; monitoring for security breaches; patching it; and deciding how much compute, storage, and network capacity is needed.

The autonomous capability enables lower operating costs, improved security and reliability, and lower IT labor costs, and it gives database administrators more time to focus on new ideas instead of tuning databases and allocating storage.

Oracle Application Upgrade and Migration

Oracle Data Migration

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