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Established in 2002, Envision IT is a leading Melbourne based software company. We develop, upgrade, integrate, implement, maintain, support and sell software. With decades of experience, we cover all major technologies of the day and yesteryears.

We specialise in and are chosen to deliver 'complex' projects that involve significant challenges and risk. We have a well established methodology that enables us deliver our projects within 6-9 months, irrespective of the size, complexity, technology or domain. Our methodology involves taking along ordinary users, incorporate feedback and evolving requirements WITHOUT time or cost overruns. All our quotes therefore are FIXED PRICE and FIXED TIME.

Our developed systems are known for very high productivity and efficiency. We are able to achieve this through business process streamlining, intelligent automation with human intervention, automated data exchange with other systems in client organisation such as Active Directory, CRM, ERP, Finance, devices, equipment, sensors and others, training and up-skilling users within their comfort zone to new productivity tools such as speech / voice / handwriting recognition, augmented and virtual reality (AR, VR), artificial intelligence such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM Watson. We are equally at ease with Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint, Oracle AI, Chat Bots etc.

Based on our client prepared case studies (available on request), we are confident to commit to deliver ROI WITHIN 3-4 MONTHS. Our concept of RoI resides in tangible benefits e.g. reduction in costs, increase in revenues and real measurable direct benefits. We treat factors such as client satisfaction, less stress as further additions!

Our mission

We founded Envision IT in 2002 with a clear mission (and practice) to deliver projects within budget and on time.
We are pleased that this mission has consistently successfully delivered projects spread in different industry verticals and technologies from legacy to to next generation

Our Vision

Our vision is to be in the top 100 software companies in Australia by 2022. We expect to achieve by exploiting our unique delivery methodology and expanding team..


Envision IT does Software Products Development, Enterprise and Line of Business (LoB) Applications Development, provide resources on contract and Software Licensing solutions. Our projects are characterised by highly complex and evolving requirements and need for the delivery of a highly reliable, productive and efficient product within tight timeframes.

 We develop and upgrade business applications for most Industry segments, Government and products for commercial off the shelf (COTS) vendors and Entrepreneurs. All our projects involve significant innovation and many of these involve core R&D as defined by AusIndustry.

We are especially very good in 'Software Upgrade' tasks, involving both applications and COTS products. Our methodology for upgrade is very similar to Strangler Fig approach. Our methodology delivers upgrade projects at a fraction of cost and with utmost reliability. Best part of methodology is that you get new age, future looking highly efficient and productive systems, without any dependence on old systems or missing business logic or data.

We are highly competitive. We typically deliver 50-250 month projects (AUD $1 - 5 M) in 6-9 months. We serve global markets.

History and Management


Envision IT was established by Steve Bungay in 2002 with a mission to deliver flawless software projects within 'fixed budgets' and 'fixed time'. To make it happen, Steve made use of his 16 years experience in delivering complex and challenging projects and  devises a unique 'iterative' methodology. The methodology has consistently delivered our projects within fixed budgets and fixed time. The methodology is improved with each project since,

So far, we have developed over 100 projects covering full or part of SDLC, as required by our clients. Owing to NDAs, Confidentiality, Non Compete agreements and need to protect our clients' interests, we have have been moving from one industry and technological vertical to another. This has created a sound knowledge base and intellectual capital across several industry domains and technologies ranging from legacy to next generation. This massive intellectual capital enables us deliver new projects in varied technology and industry domains comfortably and often quicker than established players.

The diverse experience across domains and technologies brings the advantage of infusing cross domain expertise that makes our clients' projects superiors than their competition. Some of the better known domains are 2 Factor Authentication including BOYD, Audits and Inspections, Automotive, business automation, CAD, digitising, environment, Government, Local Government, logistics, image processing, integrating different software and hardware, manufacturing, online booking, parking, printing, RFID, sustainability, travel, vending machines, warehouse management and many others. Our clients range from entrepreneurs looking to develop new products, venture capitals looking to improve their acquisitions, businesses looking to increase productivity and efficiency and products development companies looking to control costs while delivering robust and reliable products.


Envision IT is a Proprietary Limited company incorporated in Australia. It is fully owned and operated by its directors and there are no external shareholders. The Directors are supported by a team of engineers (Analyst Programmers) that operate from our Mount Waverley Development Center and some client locations. We have a stable team for years and staff attrition is near absent! The directors are:

  1. Steve Bungay | Director and CEO : Steve is electrical engineer by qualification from prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi. Steve has more than 33 years experience in delivering several complex and challenging projects successfully. Steve devised the innovative iterative project delivery methodology that is key to our consistent successful delivery of projects. Steve is a committed projects delivery person and remains overall responsible for all the projects. Steve looks after software projects business development, alliances and software reselling especially Bing Maps, Microsoft and Oracle.

  2. Savita Bungay | Director Operations and Finance: Savita is Bachelor of Arts and Diploma in Management, Cert VI in Workplace Training,  Prince 2 and several other. Savita has more than 30 years management experience and responsible for current growth of Envision IT. Savita looks after day to day operations, project team management and client liaison, quotations and invoicing, resourcing and business growth.

  3. Project Development Teams: Envision IT follows a specialist non-hierarchical team structure that many highly productive organisations practice today. Each large project is developed by a team of 3-5 core 'Analyst Programmers' supplemented by additional resources as needed. We have proprietary highly efficient system for development, task allocation, testing and delivery.

Software Licensing

Software Licensing is an integral part of Envision IT business. Software Licensing keeps us ahead in technology through access to latest software, training and certifications. It also provides us a much needed cushion against the vagaries of product development ups and downs.

To our clients, this means better licensing options that saves them loads of money. Our licensing portfolio covers Adobe, Autodesk, Bing Maps, Microsoft, MongoDB and Oracle. The Licensing Team enjoys the confidence of over 1100 Customers such as Charity, Not for Profit, Education, entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies  Government etc. to sole Traders.


Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.- Mahatma Gandhi

Envision IT was founded upon and operates on two core values i.e. 'Simple and Clear' and 'What's Good for You' All our products, services, advice and relationships follow these two core values.

'Simple and Clear' reflects in the way we communicate. It is without jargon and in simple easy to understand terms. Our developed systems are simple and easy to use. We work on the premise that we have to code only once but clients have to live with it every day. We therefore make a conscious effort to keep our products simple. During initial project conversations, we break down the technical issues using 'similes'. We may caution that sometimes we may oversimplify a solution. So Please, do not try to implement our solution yourself because it seems so simple! Like a Chef's recipe', it is simple but requires skill!

 'What's Good for You' reflects in our relationships. We believe in a two way relationship with both parts being equal. This applies to our Clients, Employees, Vendors and even telemarketers. We advice in what is your interest, as we see it. This reflects in us walking away when we believe we can not provide value to our clients, providing our clients 'Smart Solutions (i.e. best outcome in lowest possible costs)', provide costs and timelines in a clear manner, fixed wherever possible, providing our employees a respectful and dignified workplace, accord dignity and ensuring prompt payment to vendors and polite refusal to telemarketers.  As a business, we provide advice in your interest. We bring you the advantage of expertise, highly competitive prices and shortest possible delivery time. Due to 'Simple and Clear' practice, our pricing may appear a bit high upfront. We therefore always recommend to discuss pricing.

We are a Simple and Friendly Team

Envision IT's executive management consists of Steve Bungay, CEO, with more than 33 years management experience and Savita Bungay Director, with more than 30 years management experience. The executive management is supported by 12 high caliber professionals, engineers / MCAs with 6-35 years experience. Notwithstanding this, we are a simple and friendly team, committed to deliver highly reliable products within tight timeframes. We are all bound by the common objective of delivering our clients the best, state of the art solutions without fuss. Just as we are, we make it a point to keep the technology simple in the hands of our users! We are guided by the principle of respecting each other and a commitment to deliver best solutions to our clients.
We are an open welcoming place for all without any discrimination of any sort. We support and encourage new migrants, mums returning to work, mature professionals, Aboriginal Torres Islanders and others perceived to be in a disadvantageous position in the job market to join our team. We are happy to train suitable candidates.

Honest and Ethical

We are honest and ethical. We truthfully explain you the facts. We assist you with your requirements even if it means travelling an extra mile. We make every effort to ensure we deliver a complete solution and do not hide under the garb - not within scope.


Envision IT is a young Australian owned company producing world-class IT solutions. We recognise the need to protect the environment, fight global warming and consequent climate change. As an IT solution provider we commit to minimising our environmental impact and move towards low carbon operations. We also promote the use of CarpoolingGreen TravelGoing Places as well as awareness through participation in local community festivals like the Sustainable Living Foundation. Our Environment and Sustainability Statement can be found here>>

Connecting with Wider Community

Cerebral Palsy Support NetworkThe Safety HouseLeukemia FoundationOlivia Newton John Appeal, SES Volunteers, Rotary Club Children's Christmas Party and more.

Shaping the Future

Envision IT actively contributes to development of Skilled Professionals by providing them with work placement and assisting them in finding work befitting their qualifications and experience. Currently working with AMES, Box Hill TAFE.  Holmesglen TAFE, Melbourne Polytechnic NMIT,  SERMRC

100% Australian Owned and Software Development in Australia

Envision IT is a 100% Australian owned and operated, Melbourne based sustainable business. Owing to our unique methodology and positioning, today we are one of the fast growing software development companies. All our software development work is done in Australia. Our development centre is located in Melbourne's Mount Waverley Suburb.  Our developed products are known for innovation, high reliability and used worldwide.

Our Development Team

Envision IT consists of a skillful team of tertiary qualified professionals in engineering or computer science with an average experience of 15 years. Almost all of them have more than 8 years experience. Our team members have worked on a variety of projects. This brings in a unique blend of expertise that is core to development of highly efficient, productive and reliable systems.

Want to join?

We are growing! Envision IT is an Equal Opportunity Employer. This means equality on all fronts such as gender, race, background etc. Diversity is our key strength and the main reason for consistently delivering world class, highly reliable and maintenance free software and solutions. We welcome all professionals to apply including new migrants, mums returning to work, mature professionals, Aboriginal Torres Islanders, LGBTI persons and others. We are firm believers in 'Work-Life' balance and therefore, our workplace is ideal for people with families living in the vicinity. We do not believe in long hours, late nights, weekend or holiday work except in a case of great urgency e.g. client system down. Typically, all team members are expected to work between 09.00 AM - 05.00 PM AEST.  Some flexi arrangements are possible to incorporate team members requirements (visit to child's school) or business operational requirements such as client site visits or 'after hours system go live or issues'. We are governed by 'Australian Fair Work Laws' for employment terms and entitlements.

Our nature of work demands engineering in any discipline with a minimum of 5 years experience in IT. You must be Australian citizen, permanent residents or TR visa holder leading to permanent residency. With this qualification met, we are happy to train any candidate willing to learn and progress the career. We proactively assist candidates such as new migrants, mums returning to work, Aboriginal and Torres Islanders etc. All our team members are 'Analyst Programmers' and the job involves understanding client requirements (reading in between the lines and explaining better ways to achieve an outcome where needed) and writing fail proof programs in Microsoft Dot Net, C#, Angular JS, JavaScript, Microsoft SQL, Cloudera (formerly HortonWorks), MongoDB, Oracle database, chat bots, AI, Responsive Web and Apps in Windows, iOS, Android, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Speech / Voice, Handwriting, Face Recognition, tools such as KendoUI, Telerik, Keylines, Microstrategy etc.  We cover a wide variety of technology area and can assist in transferring skills.


We have been offering work placement to assist new migrants since 2002. Our workplacement program is designed to upskill workplacement candidates. During workplacement, the candidates work on the technologies and skills they wish to improve upon. They do not work on commercial projects. Currently this is open to candidates under the Overseas Qualified Professionals (OQP) Program and other job seekers from other agencies such as CentreLink. Typically the workplacement is for 4 Weeks. We have a good track record and usually candidates find appropriate work within this time. Our workplacement program is free to the candidates.

We are a 'STRICTLY NO SMOKING' Environment. Your fellow associates are highly competent, committed to deliver the best, professional, friendly and courteous and we expect you to be the same!