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Envision IT has decades of experience in developing custom audit and inspection software solutions for businesses, entrepreneurs, and product development companies. Our customers have applied and extended audit and inspection software expertise to develop highly customised and integrated software for assessment, benchmarking, surveys, and many other scenarios. We have covered industry segments such as aged care, building, construction, environment and sustainability, membership-based organisations, occupational health and safety (OH&S) and welding, etc.

Our expertise is useful for you when you need highly customised software that is highly efficient and productive, runs your business, and something that you can be licensed to external users or clients. You own the intellectual property of the developed product.

Our software differs from products such as "surveymonkey" or "Safety Culture" in the sense that we develop products for the specific use of an organisation. It encapsulates and enhances its intellectual property into a saleable asset while delivering the business function.

Our audit and inspection software can be applied to product development companies or start-ups, and medium- to large-sized businesses. is designed to empower businesses of all sizes in Australia. Our user-friendly software replaces paper-based checklists and spreadsheets, streamlining the entire process, from planning and execution to reporting and analysis. It allows you to generate reports in a few seconds while providing visibility into aspects of the assessed items; e.g., you can drill down to the final detail with a few keystrokes and mouse clicks.

Depending upon the business requirements, Envision IT's audit/assessment/benchmarking/ survey software can provide you with ready-to-use customisable templates, provide functionalities to develop new templates, ensure consistent data collection, avoid multiple entries of the same data while allowing modifications, and improve accuracy. Our inspection software goes beyond basic data entry, allowing you to capture photographic evidence, assign corrective actions, and track their completion. This integrated approach saves time, reduces errors, and empowers data-driven decision-making.

Audits and Inspections Made Easy

IdoAudit, formerly known as "Audispect" (Australian Audits and inspections Software), eases Audits, Inspections, Risk and Compliance recording and analysis for businesses, government, local government, Water, Electricity, Gas utility providers, Organisations and others. It is designed for Australian practices that can be extended to other countries for multinational organisations with experience in developing products for multinational deployment.

IdoAudit exploits current trends in technology to provide an easy to use Audits and Inspections tool. IdoAudit makes use of user friendly App (browser based system also available) front end with a big data backend. The system is integrated to your systems to provide a smooth, 'export - import' free system to our clients. It can process thousands of checklist items, with or without manual text inputs and transmit it back to office for an automated or moderated report generation! Fully automated, typically IdoAudit should save you 40-85% time spent in administrative, data import / export and report creation tasks in almost all types of audits and inspections.

IdoAudit is designed as a highly flexible and customisable product. It drastically reduces Auditors and Inspectors work through easy data entry and data transmission process. IdoAudit backend consists of MongoDB Big data database that enables it storage huge amount of data, audio, video and analyse it. The Big data back end connects to organisation's ERP, CRM, Active Directory and other proprietary systems. This facilitates automated and smooth data transfer between Auditors / Inspector at the front to organisation's core facilities.


IdoAudit provides a highly customisable platform to rapidly develop 'Audit, Inspection and Checklist' tasks. The system exploits big data technologies to manage large amount of data such as pictures, audio, text, check lists while maintaining a vital link with corporate enterprise systems, ERPs, CRMs that often are not equipped to manage this vast amount of data.

Salient features of Audispect are as follows:

  1. Easy to use
    Mobile App front end to provide a user friendly interface. The user interface (UI) is customised to keep it efficient. This may include well designed layout, prefilled information, automated checks and balances during data entry, facility to attach photographs, audio or video and many others. Features such as taking a photo of barcode or QR Code can open audit or inspection details of a particular asset are very helpful.
  2. Gather as much information as you like
    Conventional systems and paper based system impose a limitation on information that you can gather during an audit or inspection. Audispect removes this limitation allowing users to write detailed responses and supplement it with photographs, audio or video evidence. As almost all conventional systems cannot ingest this data, our Mongo DB database retains this volume of information while transferring only the required information to conventional systems such as CRM, ERP, line of business, custom etc. You can have detailed checklists! You can save and analyse it with associated data (subject to licensing) such as currency rates, weather, traffic, social media etc.
  3. Detailed Big Data Analytics
    Gathered information has no use if it can't be analysed. Audispect saves big data and enables you to run big data analytics on this data. You can display this data by using a variety of charting components from Kendo UI, Microstrategy and Keylines Network. provides utilities to analyse your big data. As mentioned above, you can supplement and correlate the information collected with currency, weather, traffic, cost of living, benchmark prices, social media, census, geographical, demographical data over years to uncover interesting patterns.
  4. Streamlined, Automated and Integrated to Save time and error
    Audispect streamlines and automates the business processes and is often integrated with related systems within client environment. This enables smooth information and data exchange between the mobile devices, MongoDB and your business systems e.g. you can use your own scheduler to set up appointments or use active directory, CRM system to push out user and client details, you can have reports for your clients generated automatically.
  5. Quicker deployment through prescriptive approach and applying all the rules you have
    With decades of experience in different industry verticals and Audits and Inspections space, we provide you a prescriptive approach that makes deployment speedier. Our approach enables our clients streamline their business processes and implement useful practices that others have adopted. We assist you in organising information such detailed checklists that could be thousands of line item long, implementing solutions to be able to quickly reach line item numbers, do work study to implement processes in a most efficient way.


Audispect integrates with clients' backend systems such as CRM, Custom Software, ERP while the front end extends to mobile devices such as tablets, phones from Apple, Android and Windows platforms as shown below:

IdoAudit Architecture

Fully functional Audispect can be confidently rolled out in weeks as compared to other products that take enormous time to customise and develop and that too with many limitations. Further, Audispect seeks to automate business processes wherever it can to make it efficient, highly productive and error free.

Audispect can be used to ease Audit, Inspection, Quality and checklist tasks.

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