Oracle Licensing Overview

Understanding, Buy, Renew Oracle Licensing including Cloud
Oracle licensing could be confusing even to people using it for a long time. While on side, incorrect licensing can raise to compliance issues, on the other side, proper and judicious application of licensing rules can save you money. Sometimes the savings can be phenomenal while at other times, the compliance costs could be huge. dramatically!.

Oracle licensing covers MySQL, Linux, Oracle databases, Oracle Cloud offerings and many other products that you may own. Whether it is a need to obtain a friendly advice, second opinion, save costs and responding to Oracle compliance audit, please contact Envision IT by email or calling Steve 0425 732 510.

Oracle Linux

Licensing Oracle Linux | what to consider

Oracle Linux is licensed per server. Most Oracle servers come with Oracle Linux. You however will require Oracle Linux for non Oracle Servers such as x86. Oracle Linux has 2 types of licenses with Basic & Premier Support levels both of which have a limited option. The “Limited” license for Oracle Linux has the same level of support as the Basic/Premier Support levels however can only be licensed on servers with 2 x Sockets or Less. Basic/Premier Support is chosen for licensing for Servers with 2 x Sockets or more. Primary difference between Oracle Linux Premier vs Basic Support is Premier Support has backporting capability. Linux Basic & Premier both share 24/7 Support, Bug/patch fixes and security updates.

Oracle MySQL

Licensing MySQL| what to consider

MySQL is licensed per server. The Oracle MySQL has two editions i.e. Standard and Enterprise.  Both the enterprise + standard editions are licensed on servers with 1-4 Sockets or greater than 5 Sockets.  The key differences between MYSQL Enterprise and Standard Editions is that enterprise has a few added extras; such as:

  • Enterprise Backup with Full Incremental, Partial & Optimistic back ups
  • Enterprise Security with TDE, Encryption, Data Masking, Fire, Audit
  • High Availability (Group Replication, InnoDB Cluster)
  • Monitoring Capability with Dashboards, Advisors & Query Analyzer

Oracle VM

Oracle VM has 2 x types of support Premier and Premier Limited with the same rules as Oracle Linux. Oracle VM Premier Limited is used for servers with 2 Sockets or less while Oracle VM Premier support is for servers with 3+ Sockets. There is no difference in functionality between the premier limited vs Premier option. Oracle VM has the same entitlements as Linux Premier; backporting, updates, patching etc.

Oracle Database Standard Edition 2

Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 (SE2) has 2 forms of licensing by either Named Users or Processors. Oracle SE2 can only be used on servers with 2 sockets or less and if using the processor metric must be licensed according to the # of Sockets i.e. if the server has 2 sockets then 2 x Processor Licenses are required, if the Server has 1 x Socket then only 1 is required. Oracle does not recognise soft partitioning, therefore if the server has been virtualised Oracle only recognise the physical hardware specs and not the Virtual environment. Another point to keep in mind is that if the server has 2 sockets but only 1 occupied socket Oracle will still require server 2 x processors to be licensed (based on total # of sockets and not the # of occupied sockets). For named user pricing customers can choose to license by the total # of users using the Database starting at a minimum of 10 users. If a server has more than 2 Sockets Oracle Enterprise Edition will need to be used.

Oracle Enterprise Edition

Oracle Enterprise Edition (EE) is used when the end-user requires further licensing optional extras (see Additional Enterprise Edition Options Below) or when the server has 3 x or more Sockets. Oracle Enterprise Edition licenses have the same licensing metric as it’s standard edition counterpart, Named Users or Processors, however they are licensed in different ways. Unlike Oracle SE2 licensing Oracle EE licensing depends on the total # of cores in the server and a core factor processor when licensing the processor option. An example of the processor licensing is as follows:

"A server has 3 Processors/Sockets with 6 Cores each, the processors are Intel E5 2…. Series which has a core factor processor of 0.50 (we can help clarify/qualify the core factor as the opportunities present themselves). Therefore, total licenses required 3 * 6 * 0.50 = 9 Licenses of Enterprise Edition Processor Licenses."

Oracle Additional Extras

There are many Optional Extras are available with Oracle. Some of these are stated below. Please contact us for more details. To get started, the summary of these features is as follows:

  • Advanced Compression: Includes Data Optimization, Advanced Network Compression, storage snapshot optimization
  • Diagnostics Pack: performance monitoring and diagnostic, Automatic Workload Repository
  • Tuning Pack: Automatic SQL Tuning, SQL Tuning Advisor, Real-time SQL and PL/SQL Monitoring